NGO RepDevGlobal By-Laws

Article 1: Preamble

This By-Law document includes 15 articles designed to serve as a guide for the functioning of the NGO.

Article 2: Name, Acronym and Logo

The officially registered name of the NGO is RepDevGlobal. Its official acronym is RDG. The logo for RepDevGlobal was designed by Gliffen Designs and is the intellectual property of RepDevGlobal.

Article 3: Applicable Laws and Legal Status

RepDevGlobal is registered with the District of Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs. It is currently not a member of any national, regional or international network of associations or organizations, but intends to seek opportunities for membership as they arise. If this occurs, this article will be amended accordingly.

Article 4: Sphere of Activities

RepDevGlobal has module-based curriculum based on the principles of development studies to build the knowledge, skills and abilities of high school students on global development and peace-building issues. Activities will be highly interactive, with session on language and culture as well as collaborative resolution project design.

Article 5: Location and Duration

RepDevGlobal is registered in Washington DC; however, its mailing address is in Virginia. RepDevGlobal P.O. Box 4094 Fairfax, Virginia 22030.

The NGO is registered every year with the Washington DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs and will be re-registered every year (September).

Article 6: Aims, Visions and Mission

RepDevGlobal strives to increase representation of minorities in the global development and peace-building sectors by providing extracurricular programs with overall goals of both teaching young people about global issues and encouraging minorities to consider the field for future academic study and potential career. RepDevGlobal is registered as a not-for-profit organization with the District of Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs Corporations Division.
RepDevGlobal is based on the principle that pre-collegiate education is an ideal time to lay the foundations for young adults stressing the importance and value of global development and peace-building issues. RepDevGlobal seeks to equip and motivate students to develop awareness of global development and peace-building issues, and create positive and innovative solutions for addressing development issues at home and abroad.
While the goal of RepDevGlobal is greater knowledge, skills and abilities of all interested high school students, RepDevGlobal also aims to foster the next generation of American minorities working in the development and peace-building sectors—directly creating a new generation of leaders in a field that lacks minorities and indirectly creating deeper international understanding of American minorities.


Article 7: Membership

Individuals seeking membership in the organization should submit an application on the website, The application will be processed within 60 days.

Article 8: Qualification

Requirements for membership in the organization include location in the Washington DC area, knowledge of and/or interest in global development and peace-building issues, and availability to volunteer at least 20 hours per year on curriculum development, program implementation or donor relations.

Article 9: Admission

Applications for membership will be processed on a rolling basis, and current members of the board will vote on the status of new membership.


Article 10: Composition

The Board of Directors is composed of the following individuals:

Muhaio Parpieva, Curriculum Development Advisor
Bermet Ubaidillaeva, Curriculum Development Advisor
Asel Abdyramanova, Curriculum Development Advisor
Xiaoyi Wang, Corporate Donor Liaison
Shana Grant, Communications and Public Relations (US-focused)
Aijan Temiralieva, Communications and Public Relations (Internationally-focused)
Heather Hamilton-Brown, Web Designer/Graphic Artist

Article 11: Selection and Appointment

Individuals appointed to the board will serve terms on an annual basis. Individuals serving on the board are able to serve multiple terms back to back if interested in continuing to work for the organization.

Article 12: Duties and Functions of the Board

The Board of Directors serve as the oversight body to assure that the organization is working to fulfill its mission. It is also designed to acquire and protect the organization’s assets and the expertise of the board members is invaluable to the execution of organizational activities. They will serve as advocates for the mission and purpose of the organization, and when necessary, assist in fund-raising for the organization.

Article 13: Press Statements

Press statements on the organization will be conducted by the Executive Director, and overseen by the dedicated board member for communication and public relations.


Article 14: Fundraising

RepDevGlobal is a not-for-profit organization that relies on funds from external resources to cover overhead costs associated with running programs in local high schools. The board will work on identifying donations on a rolling basis, including assessing any and all relevant federal grants.


Article 15: Additions, modifications and amendments to the Articles

Any and all modifications to these articles composing these by-laws can be formally submitted to the executive director by members, then discussed and voted on by members of the board on a rolling basis.